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In this IT-enabled progressive world, people are highly connected with the information flow and worldwide technologies. Many users, employees, and companies are fully equipped with digital technologies to create, nurture, store, and transfer information for driving their respective businesses or tasks. On one hand, Microsoft has unveiled the comprehensive MS Office Suite to accomplish information-rich documents of varied categories such as PPT files, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Access DB file, etc. But, security and cross-platform accessibility is the major concern for all these documents. To cater this, Adobe has introduced the PDF file format which is encrypted and encapsulated that enhances the security of enclosed information.

The PDF file can be accessed anywhere irrespective of the hardware, OS, and software. Owning to its strong encapsulation technologies, any user cannot modify and edit the information infused in a PDF file. To open and read the PDF file, you can use Adobe Reader, or many third-party PDF reader tools.

One cannot deny the grave incidences encountered during the mishandling of PDF file. Apart from many PDF errors, users are very much annoyed with the display message saying “There was an error processing the page. A font contains a bad cmap-encoding” which indicates the corruption in the PDF file accessed.

The preceding error is predominantly originates when the PDF file is created from the Create Adobe PDF Online application. After the brutal effect of cmap-encoding error, you will view the pages of defective PDF file as blank or black. To know the matter closely, let us move to the next section.

Stringent Measures to Regain PDF File Accessibility

When you are trying to open a PDF file which is displaying the following message “There was an error processing the page. A font contains a bad cmap-encoding”, then it is recommended to deal with the present scenario with the following tactics:

  • Get the latest version of Adobe Reader and install it on your computer with most recent updates. Now, try opening the damaged PDF file with the new version.
  • If you have opened the PDF file in a web browser, then refresh the page as follows:
    • In the Create Adobe PDF Online Conversion History dialog, click Refresh.
  • Upload the corrupt PDF file to Create Adobe PDF Online service once again and perform:
    • Go to Create Adobe PDF Online – Conversion Settings – Acrobat compatibility
  • Download and run the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software to inspect the integrity of PDF files. To do this, perform the following steps:
    • In the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software, navigate to menu view, and then click Tools.
    • In the Tools section, click Print Production, and then select Preflight.
    • In the Preflight wizard, go to the PDF analysis section and select Report PDF syntax issues to analyze any PDF corruption issue.
    • You can select many other operations from the PDF analysis section to fix local PDF issues.

After implying all the necessary operations on the damaged PDF file, one may not be sure of viewing the PDF file because of existing corruption. The above mentioned tactics if failed leaves you with no other option but to employ a third-party PDF repair tool. One should expertly choose a PDF repair tool, which guarantees the recovery of PDF without distorting the properties and formatting of information.

Solution – The PDF Repair Tool

The PDF Repair is the professional tool to deal with severe PDF file corruption with utmost proficiency and accuracy. The software is programmed to deal with critical PDF properties such as header, footer, hyperlinks, comments, font size, and page layout, and restores them quickly. It is reinforced with ultra-modern algorithms that adeptly manages the efficient recovery of PDF file fetched from varied PDF file creator applications. Moreover, the software is developed to work on versatile Windows platform which includes Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95 OS.

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In today’s challenging and competitive world, an effective, efficient and robust data sharing mechanism is required for transfer of data over the network.

In the present scenario, PDF files are the most popular means of data sharing, uploading, and downloading over the internet. They are becoming very popular day by day. A number of reasons are responsible for the popularity of PDF files. Some of the reasons responsible for the ever increasing popularity of PDF files are mentioned below:

  1. The PDF files maintain the original formatting of a document including the font, layout, graphics, colors, etc.

  2. The PDF files are more integrated as compared to the other documents.

  3. A PDF file keeps the original data intact when shared over the internet.

  4. A PDF file can hold various types of information such as text, images, multimedia content, etc.

  5. When you convert any document into PDF format, the file size reduces considerably. The file size reduces because PDF uses a compression algorithm to reduce the file size. As we know, smaller files are easier to transfer over a network.

Although PDF files are quite secure, these files like any other data file is also susceptible to corruption and data loss. A number of reasons are responsible for the corruptions in the PDF file. Some of them are as follows: virus attack, improper system shutdown, hardware malfunction, bad disk read write, uploading and downloading, etc.

Some of the common error messages that you encounter when working with the PDF files are as follows:

1.There was an error processing a page. Invalid Function resource

2.There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired

3.There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid

4.There was an error opening this document. There was a problem reading this document

5.An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem.

Whatever be the error, you need to fix PDF file from the errors.

Now the question in your mind would be how to resolve the errors?

The answer is that you can fix the errors with the help of a professional and efficient PDF recovery tool. A number of fix PDF or PDF recovery tools are available in the market. You can choose the PDF repair to fix PDF and meet your requirement. With the help of a professional PDF recovery tool i.e. the PDF repair, you can easily and successfully recover data from a PDF file.

Fix PDF is one such professional and robust tool that recovers your data easily. The Fix PDF recovery tool has a very user friendly graphical user interface that helps the user to use the tool easily and efficiently.

The free trial version of Fix PDF tool is also available.  You can download this software to check its functionality  and features . You can buy the full  version of the Fix PDF recovery software.

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By far, PDF files are the most popular and established network document distribution format. In the current scenario, majority of users who want to share their documents over a network prefer PDF file format.

There are numerous reasons as to why PDF files have become so successful a file format to be transferred over the internet.

First and foremost, PDF files maintain the original formatting and structure of the documents.

Therefore, most users prefer PF files to transfer and share their documents over the network.

Secondly, PDF files are much more secure than any other file format to be transferred over the internet. This is so because PDF files have the feature of applying PDF restrictions to the documents and hence can restrict unauthorized and undesirable access to the PDF files. Moreover, you can also password protect your PDF files thereby control access to it.

Though PDF files are far more secure than any other file formats, PDF files are still vulnerable to error, damage, and corruption.

Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein you are working on Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or 7.0 on Windows and get the following error message:

“A drawing error occurred.”

The root cause behind the occurrence of the above-mentioned error message is either the PDF file you are working with was created using a non-Adobe program or the PDF file is made using Quark 5 with OPI extensions enabled.

In order to resolve the aforementioned error, try out either of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Delete the Acrobat preferences folder

1.Exit the Acrobat.

2.Choose Start -> Run.

3.In the Open text box, type percentAPPDATA percent\Adobe\Acrobat\

4.Click the OK button

5.Right-click either the 6.0 or 7.0 folder and select Delete.

6.Start Acrobat and try printing

Solution 2: Recreate the PDF file using an Adobe application such as Adobe Acrobat or Export To PDF feature of an Adobe open source application called Adobe In Design or Adobe Illustrator.

Solution 3: Update your version of QuarkXpress. You can download the latest update from the official website of QuarkXpress and then recreate the PDF file. Alternatively, you can disable QuarkXpress OPI Xtension.

Performing the above mentioned solutions, you should be able to resolve the drawing error and repair PDF file. However, there may arise a situation wherein you are unable to resolve the error using any of the above mentioned solutions.
In such a scenario, we suggest you to use a professional and powerful third party repair PDF file tool to resolve the error and repair PDF file.

The PDF Repair is one such eminent, professional, and comprehensive repair PDF file tool using which you can easily repair PDF file, corrupted due to almost any reason.

PDF Repair comes integrated with an easy-to-use and self-explanatory graphical user interface. Therefore, no special expertise is required to work on the tool and hence non-technical users can easily work on it.

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PDF file or Portable Document Format has become a universal file format to share and manage documents at enterprise level. This file format has many advantages that have made it a must have format in every corporate sector dealing with documents. Being secure and advance file format, it is the most preferred mode of file sharing. Yet, the probability of corruption lies in this format as well and one has to be prepared for every adverse condition that might come across.

Often, PDF Adobe Reader or Acrobat fails to display a PDF file inside a compatible web browser. This problem can emerge in several ways, including the following behaviors:

  1. A red X icon
  2. A blank page in the web browser
  3. A broken object link (for example, a red square, a blue triangle, or a blue circle)
  4. Error: “The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running cannot be used to view PDF files in a web browser. Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 is required. Please exit and try again.”

The reason for all these behavior could be one or few of the following:

  1. Acrobat or Reader can’t read the PDF file.
  2. You are using a 64-bit version of the Internet Explorer browser.
  3. The web server on which the PDF file is stored can’t serve the PDF file.
  4. The web browser is not configured correctly with the Adobe PDF Browser plug-in.

As a part of PDF repair, you can go for few solutions like:

  1. Restart your computer: Often restarting your computer to open PDF file helps user view the file. Minor issues get resolved by restarting the file.
  2. Download the PDF file again: Try to download the PDF again from the website. If the PDF was sent to you, try having the person send it to you again.
  3. Delete temporary files: Internet Explorer creates many temporary files, deleting them might help you to view PDF files. You can do it by selecting Internet Options from Tool tab.

There are many more simple solutions than the given one, but you may come across a condition where you might not be able to resolve this trouble. In this point of time, you are left with an option to use a professionally created PDF repair tool. The PDF file repair tool is one such software that has been created keeping all the possibilities of corruption and its causes in mind.

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PDF file recovery when your important pdf file becomes inaccessible

The increasing popularity of PDF files has given rise to creation of PDF documents in the online world for data sharing. Just like any other file format, PDF files too are prone to corruption. And yes, corruption results in data inaccessibility. With not many software available in the market to repair PDF files, errors so occurring due to damage often results in frustration and delay in office work.

Symptoms of Corruption in PDF

At times, corruption in PDF files doesn’t even results in occurrence of any error messages; it simply displays a blank page. But certain versions of Acrobat display error and messages like :

  • ‘Too few operands’
  • “File is corrupt or damaged”,
  • “There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid”
  • ‘An unrecognized token was found’
  • Ideal time to perform PDF recovery

    There are times, when your PDF file starts acting abruptly thereby forcing you to perform PDF repair. Therefore it is important to understand, when PDF file requires recovery so that all your valuable data is restored. Mentioned below are some of the situations when PDF file recovery is required :

  • Adobe Reader is unable to read the file
  • PDF file freezes while printing
  • PDF file got damaged during download
  • PDF file damaged due to Power outage or improper system shut down
  • PDF file damaged during uploading
  • PDF file damaged due to virus attack
  • It is important to understand that PDF files are corrupt and so to safeguard the data in these files, it becomes imperative to deal with the corruption issues.

    Using the PDF repair

    The PDF repair is a powerful and reliable PDF repair software i.e. devised especially to repair Portable Document Format (PDF) files that got damaged due to various logical and physical corruption reasons. This PDF file recovery software uses advanced data recovery algorithms to repair PDF files. While it repairs PDF documents, it doesn’t alter PDF file(s) properties and formatting; thus maintains the data integrity by examining the damaged PDF file(s), extracting data from them and rebuilding the PDF file with recovered data.

    Key Features :

  • Repairs damaged PDF file(s) quickly
  • Repairs batch of PDF files in a single repair cycle
  • Preserves data properties and structure in the PDF file
  • Recovers text, images, tables, graphs, etc with accuracy
  • Maintains hyperlinks, comments and notes
  • Preserves file formatting such as header, footer, font size and page layout
  • Rebuilds corrupt PDF files with same file name
  • Recovers page tree, cross-reference table, etc.
  • How the PDF repair works?

    All you have to do is download repair pdf file software, install it and launch the same. After the software is launched, it displays the following screen :
    Click the Select File(s) button and select as many PDF file as you want:

    After enlisting the PDF files, click the Repair button to initiate the Repair process.

    The software will repair the PDF files and save the same at a user-defined location on the hard disk drive. This way you can easily repair PDF file and restore data efficiently.

    Now that you are well-versed with the repair process, take a look at how this software works:

    Adobe Acrobat PDF file format is considered as one of the most consistent data sharing platforms used by many individuals and has got ability to maintain text, images and its quality, videos etc. In fact, today there are numerous advantages of using PDF file format. As per your requirement, you can easily make use of PDF files for preparing press releases, newsletters, manuals, e-catalogs and much more.

    The real benefit of using this PDF format is its ability to successfully store and at the same time send out immense information on all sorts of topics. Not only this, you could easily display enormous amount of information or data on the web pages. Apart from this, the format also lets you to represent pictorial details in more professional manner. Another key advantage is that the PDF file format can be encrypted and thus help you save your crucial content from getting altered.

    However, there are occasions when you might possibly face trouble in viewing a PDF file in the Acrobat reader. While it is very much possible that the file has gone damaged and hence you are unable to view it, but you may also not ignore about the possibility of hurdles elsewhere that is preventing you from viewing it appropriately.

    1. One of the key causes of trouble that is putting certain restriction on viewing of PDF files could be the low allocation of RAM to the Adobe Reader. To resolve the situation, you could grow the memory allocated and thus there may be no more out-of-memory crashes.

    2. You could also make attempt to open the link to the PDF file in yet another browser.

    3. If these simple tricks don’t work, you can also try to save the file on another disk. After that open the Adobe Reader application and read the file directly from the software.

    Finally, if none of these tricks or attempts works well at opening and letting you view the respective PDF file then, it is very much possible that the file has got damaged. Now, there could be different reasons for PDF file corruption. However, rather you waste your time in figuring out just how the file got corrupt, you could easily opt a right approach to run advanced PDF file repair utility like the PDF File Repair software. This proficient fix pdf file software can help you fix the error and restore PDF file, no matter what version they belong to. The software is very well embedded with advanced algorithms, which in turn let you achieve accurate and instant recovery of data from the corrupt PDF file. With the help of this software, you could easily restore texts, OLE data, images, graphics right from the damaged PDF file. The best aspect about the software is its ability to successfully retain the data items in its original structure and order.

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